Ghetto Gaggers Baby Momma Day

Today, another one was chosen for the Vaccinated Vandal. He dropped a heavy load into her hood pussy. In a few months, she’ll be delivering the child he fathered. I’m curious about how many of these black women will end up taking it to full term and telling their kid someday, “Your father is the Vaccinated Vandal you heard about on Ghetto Gaggers.” Estimates show that one-third are now showing signs of pregnancy, judging by what I see posted on Black Twitter. This ghetto girl swallowed, took it in her ass, and allowed her pussy to be filled up with white dick. No one could tell who she was anymore, not even herself. They shoved an anal hook into her butt and attached it to her collar so she couldn’t move or do anything but moan in pleasure as her body bent over for them. When his cum squirted out of her pussy they shoved more white jizz down her throat until she became embarrassed from being such a slut.

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A Huge Load Of Jizz Was Dumped In Her Pussy On Ghetto Gaggers

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